About Us

Russian Liquid Systems, LLC (RLS, LLC.) is a developer and manufacturer of ferrofluid seals also known as ferrofluidic feedthroughs.

Technology of ferrofluidic application for sealing rotary shafts was first applied in NASA 40 years ago. The same unique technology was also developed in Soviet Union and then successfully employed in Soviet space projects by a special ferrofluidic corporation “Polus”. Specialists of this corporation succeeded in the magnetic fluid product designs for Soviet space projects that surpassed American ones in a number of product features.

RLS, LLC. was founded in 2007 by Sergei Lysenkov and Tanya Spiridonova. Today our company is a practically sole supplier of ferrofluidic seals for Russian vacuum and semiconductor market. We have strong business relations with Russian producers of vacuum equipment and research institutes. We also cooperate with Russian consumers of vacuum equipment making retrofits and replacements of Ferrotec and Rigaku feedthroughs.   

Bearing in mind limited potential of local market we are constantly finding opportunities to move our products to the foreign market. Now we have trustworthy relations with a number of EU semiconductor equipment manufacturers and suppliers and we are always open for the new projects.

ferrofluidic sealWe were also the first (and the only) to implement ferrofluidic technology into pharmaceutical and biomedical industry. We have launched more than 150 ferrofluidic sealing spindles for Russian bio and pharma plants. Due to a long-term partnership with Patent Ltd. (Hungarian producer of bioreactor and fermenter tanks www.patent.hu) we managed to design and implement magnetic fluid seals for a number of EU pharmaceutical companies. 

We are always open for R&D and experimenting. The more complicated the task is, the more we are interested in it. Sealing the unsealable has become our motto.