We have strong partner relations with a number of companies worlwide including:

Here, in Russia our ferrofluidic feedthroughs are well-known among practically all consumers.

We are always glad to deliver advanced technology and cost-effective solutions for sealing rotary shafts of Customer’s process equipment.

A good example of our partnership is our joint work with  Patent, Ltd (Hungary), a well-known and respected manufacturer of agitating equipment. Together we have realized several projects for customers in Russia and abroad including

  •  a pharmaceutical plant “Sintez”, a leading Russian antibiotics supplier. Our specialists designed the unique hermetic spindles with ferrofluidic seals that successfully solved the problem of sealing bioreactor agitator shaft.
  • R&D Institute “Federal Centre for Animal Health”, a Russian developer and worldwide supplier of animal vaccines. Our company produced more than 70 hermetic ferrofluid spindles for this Institute. We also supplied 16 bioreactors/fermentors from 0.25 up to 2 m3 volume (produced by Patent Ltd.) with our ferrofluidic seals.
  • R&D Institute “Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus”. In collaboration with Patent Ltd. and Forss Consulting we have realized R&D project for the production of vacuum equipment for the investigation of superconductivity processes (for international ITER project).
  • Production plant of TEVA Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Hungary). RLS produced several ferrofluidic seals for their bioreactors/fermentors.
Hermetic Spindles with MFS

Individual approach to our Customers helps us to find and create flexible and effective schemes of collaboration. We do not aim to win a one-time-demand orders. Our goal is a long-term cooperation, mutually beneficial for both parties. Only with the help of our Customers we come to today’s success and we do hope to continue it together.

For our partners we always have favourable terms of cooperation including flexible terms of payment and discount system.

Join us and make sure of our service!