MFS for Vacuum Process Equipment

MFS for vacuum equipmentRLS, LLC. designs and develops ferrofluidic seals of any complicated design including:

  • Motorized magnetic fluid Seals
  • Ferrofluid Seals for UHV Applications
  • Ferrofluid Seals for Coaxial and Multi-Axial Shafts
  • Ferrofluid Seals of Compact Design
  • Ferrofluid Seals for Large Diameter Shafts (up to 720mm) 
  • Rotary Gas Unions, including Multi-Channel

We strive to invent and develop solutions for the most difficult, non-conventional applications meeting the Customer’s specific production space, load or performance requirements.

Ferrofluid Seal Advantages

  • The seal is airtight that is hermetic (helium leakage not more than 10-12 m3Pa/s) during the whole range of working temperatures. Mechanical seals are not able to provide the same high level of hermeticity. For instance, a 20 mm diameter gland seal will leak at 10-8 m3Pa/s at 200°C increasing to 5*10-3 m3Pa/s at 80°C
  • Provide the permanent hermetization of rotary shafts at circumferential linear velocities ranging from 0 to 20 meters per second.
  • Have no wear products as they have no mechanical friction (non-contact seals). All rotary components are hermetized with thin ferrofluid rings only.
  • Provide long operating life (up to 15 years) due to the application of ferrofluid with low pressurized saturated vapor.
  • Have low drag torque. A 20 mm diameter o-ring seal has a drag torque of 0.5 Nm whereas a similar ferrofluid seal drag torque is 0.1 Nm. Low drag torque reduces heat generation and increases ferrofluidic seal operating life. 
  • High hermetical ability and long operating life completely compensate ferrofluid seal maintenance costs.

Ferrofluid Seal Specifications

  • Shaft diameter: 6 – 500 mm
  • Circumferential velocity up to 15 m/s
  • Operating temperature range: -50°C…+100°C
  • Differential pressure drop up to 0.25 MPa
  • Helium leakage not more than 10-12m3Pa/s